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The Full Comprehensive Maintenance Contract covers all service-related expenses, excluding parts, components, and labor charges for replacements. For such cases, a separate proposal will be submitted for approval, and the work will proceed accordingly. The price mentioned applies only after the replacement or repair work is completed.

1) For the above Elevator for a period of the one year which is payable by you along with this contract. The above Charge is exclusive of local taxes and applicable for current year only. After this period rates are subject to revision/change.
2) Unlimited Breakdown call Attended.
3) 12 Services (Monthly) in a year, it will include Total Cleaning, oiling Greasing etc.
4) We shall supply the required Grease, Oil, Cotton waste to maintain your elevator.
5) Our experienced staff shall attend the service 30 day’s intervals on working days to check-up. Your elevator as well as to clean oil grease and to adjust parts if necessary.
6) We shall send our staff to attended elevator/elevators breakdown within 2-4 hours after receiving the breakdown information from a responsible/authorized person from your side, subject to availability of mechanics and normal working condition in particular area.

We look forward to your favorable consideration of our proposal and the acceptance of this contract upon your signature.
"Terms and Guidelines for Elevator Maintenance Agreement"

Certainly! Here’s a rephrased version:

1 ) We shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including but not limited to act of government strikes, lock outs, fire, explosion, theft, not civil commotion, war, malicious mischief, non availability of spare parts misuse of the lift, power fluctuation failure to report defect in lift immediately, use of defective lift of act of god under no circumstanances shall we be liable for consequential damages.

2 ) You shall keep the elevator car (in side) entrance clean. Also you shall provide electrical light at the entrance and inside the elevator car. There should be proper ventilation and lighting arrangement in the machine room, elevator shaft and pit

3 ) You shall take necessary step to prevent water from entering the elevator shaft, pit and the machine room. We will not be responsible if the water/ rain water enters the machine room or elevator entrance and damages the electrical and mechanical safety parts, in case this happens you should keep the elevator closed at least for two/ three days an tilt area and the component become dry. In such cases on your approval. We will replace damaged parts and cost will be charged to you.

4 ) In case of elevator trapped between floors you should have at least one knowledgeable person in premises to release standing person. We can undertake to train the person nominated by you for such purpose. In case you do not possess the required rescue equipments the same should be demanded in writing.

5 ) The contract will stand automatically cancelled in case of non payments terms & our liability will cease immediately. Any deficiencies observed in installation should be brought to our notice before expiry of contract and no claim will be entertained once the contract is over.

6 ) This proposal when accepted by you and confirmed by us shall constitute the contract between us and for all prior representations agreement or letters not incorporated herein are superseded.

"We'll replace all electrical, mechanical, and electromechanical components."
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