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Safety Policy

Safety First is the Key Of Success. All our product and proccess must be recognized by providing people safe. product safe elevators. we aim to be recognized as NUMBER ONE company for safety and our goal is zero incident


Indigo-Elevators Engineers commitment and dedication has been rewarded with due recognition. Indigo-Elevators company has spwared no efforts and left no stone unturned to gain enduring relationship with their valued customers by offering superior product performance and excellent service including Good management policies and practices

Benefits For Customer

  • Our integrated Control System – (a) For Your Building instead of 3phase, 1 phase is not available our ARD will function automatically
  • We provide Over Speed Governor with 8mm rope. it will act the lift if, it is oveloaded and Main rope slippage and any limit switches is not activated that Over Speed Governor will act immediately.
  • We Provide Safety device ( Safety block and knurled roller for both sides ).
  • We Provide Rubber Cushion at the bottom of the car floor.
  • We provide branded Motor, Open loop and Closed Loop system with Encoder, Encoder will Provide

Smoot Landing and it will provide Feedback to the controller and inverted

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